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Maple Syrup:  Is made through a process of boiling maple sap until it reaches the correct temperature and density to be considered syrup.  Maple syrup is a popular topping for pancakes, french toast, waffles, oatmeal, cereal and is used in recipes for beans, ham, fish, and pork.  Maple Syrup has a very long shelf life and should be refrigerated after opening.  

Maple Sugar:  Is made by boiling maple syrup until all of the moisture is removed leaving behind only the granulated sugar of the maple sap.  Maple sugar contains additional minerals that are not present in any other form of sugar/sweetener on the market.  Maple sugar is a crumb form of sugar similar to a fine grain cane sugar. 

Maple Candy:  Made in the familiar maple leaf molds, maple candy is a treat of many peoples' childhood with its sweet taste and somewhat creamy texture.  Maple candy is made from pure maple syrup.  

Maple Cream:  As you can image from the name, maple cream is a spreadable maple product that is made by taking pure maple syrup and heating it to a high temperature and then cooling it and whipping air into the mixture.  Maple cream makes a great maple treat and is versatile in its uses.  

Maple Walnut Topping:  We make our maple walnut topping in small batches by toasting the walnuts and combining them with our pure maple syrup and just a touch of cinnamon. This is similar to the walnut sundae topping many are familiar with except there is no corn syrup or refined sugar.  

Maple Peanuts:  These salted peanuts are dry roasted and coated with maple sugar, think of a honey roasted peanut but with the sweet, rich maple flavor.  

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